New privacy assistant Jumbo fixes your Facebook & Twitter settings –

Then Jumbo can adjust your privacy settings to Weak, Medium, or Strong controls, though it never makes any privacy settings looser if you’ve already tightened them. Valade details that since there are no APIs for changing facebook settings, Jumbo will "act as ‘you’ on Facebook’s website and tap on the buttons, as a script, to make the changes you asked Jumbo to do for you."

New privacy assistant Jumbo fixes your Facebook & Twitter settings – TechCrunch April 9, 2019 Judith A. Mobile 0 Jumbo could be a nightmare for the tech giants, but a savior for the victims of their shady privacy practices.

Oh, Facebook. When you launched your fancy Portal and Portal Plus smart displays-slash-video phones designed to compete with the amazon echo show, your executives promised us all that no data.

Now, Google debuted the latest and greatest iteration of Google Assistant, which is built into the entire google home family. Thanks to a few new features, you will be better equipped to find answers.

Jumbo, a privacy assistance app is a savior for the victims of privacy malpractices and intrusion. Although there are privacy settings and instructions available in all well-known social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., it is very time-consuming and frustrating to adjust those settings.

First let’s take a look at Jumbo’s Facebook settings fixes. The app asks that you simply punch in your username and password by a mini-browser open to Facebook as a substitute of utilizing the standard Facebook Connect function. That instantly may get Jumbo blocked, and we’ve requested Facebook if it will likely be allowed.

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Fortunately, Apple has a tool specifically designed to move data from one computer to another, especially when you just got a new computer and are updating: It’s called Migration Assistant, and it’s.

The Jumbo app can help you optimize your privacy settings on Twitter, Facebook, Google and Alexa. How to change your privacy settings for search and social media with Jumbo | We’re so.

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New privacy app Jumbo will lock down your Facebook and Twitter. The privacy assistant also allows Twitter users to delete their old tweets and save them on their iPhones.. While Jumbo sounds.

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