Porter Stansberry: The single best way to profit from the coming credit crisis

Porter Stansberry: The single best way to profit from the coming credit crisis The absolute worst may come from a guy named Porter Stansberry, a supposed financial analyst who has been disciplined by the SEC for fraud. He’s spent the past year flooding the internet, TV and radio waves with ads suggesting the that one of the most important dates in US history is coming and directing people to a website (whose URL is constantly changing).

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 · Porter Stansberry. Editor’s Note: We’re seeing unprecedented warning signs in credit markets all around the world. The global scale of these problems means the coming crisis – what Porter has called "the greatest legal transfer of wealth in history" – will be truly historic.

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And if a stock is falling, then a run of several down-days generally signals that more losses are coming. That’s how it.

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The crisis would come when the rest of the world refuses to accept payments in U.S. dollars, or refuses to pay for things like commodities with U.S. dollars. Stansberry asserts that this is already afoot, and there’s some truth to this belief — although it’s not quite as dire as he would like you to believe.

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