Two more bankruptcy preparers facing possible criminal contempt charges

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Judge finds Williamson County District Attorney Jana Duty guilty of contempt of court. It’s entirely possible that this kid is facing criminal contempt charges, depending on a lot of factors, which is why we need to know if this is to SET child support or a CONTEMPT hearing. Also, in Ohio (the state that OP is apparently in), a defendent in a civil contempt case CAN be appointed a public defender.

Some judges in these courts seized on the act as a power grab, a means to enforce their harsh bankruptcy views through the power of contempt. But do bankruptcy courts have criminal contempt power? The federal circuits are split on the statutory basis for bankruptcy courts’ criminal contempt jurisdiction.

"Even in committing the crimes to which she pled guilty, she was assisting people in need who could not afford to retain attorneys or more expensive bankruptcy petition preparers," said Renninger.

4 Defenses for Contempt of Court During a Divorce. Things can turn ugly while going through a divorce. Spouses may accuse each other of committing crimes and other indiscretions. Being accused of contempt of court, meaning a violation of a court order, can be overwhelming for those already experiencing a stressful divorce.

Teddy "Ted" Strickland Fort Pierce – Teddy "Ted" Strickland, 73, died June 23, 2019 in Fort Pierce, Florida. Ted was a lifelong resident of Fort Pierce, Florida.

A bankruptcy petition preparer is any person or business, other than a lawyer or someone who works for a lawyer, that charges a fee to prepare bankruptcy documents. Under your direction and control, the bankruptcy petition preparer generates bankruptcy forms for you to file either by typing them or inputting information into a bankruptcy software program.

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